Welding Rotators

Welding rotator can drive the weldment to rotate by virtue of the frictional force between weldment and active roller. It is very suitable for cylindrical or conical weldment to facilitate the welding job. The models of the products involve NHTR-1000, NHTR-3000 and NHTR-6000. The NHTR-6000 product is designed extraordinarily. Though its dimension is only 520×470×390mm, the machine can carry the weldment with the weight of 6000kg. It can process the weldment with the diameter ranging from 160mm to 4000mm. The maximum working speed of the NHTR-6000 product can reach up to 1500mm/min. The three types of welding rotators differ greatly in carrying capacity. They can fit for the weldment with different volume and weight. Users can choose the product according to their actual needs.

North is an experienced welding rotators manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include spool gun, push pull gun, light duty welding positioner, wire feed welding gun / welding torch, and more.

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