Wire Feed Welding Gun/ Welding Torch

The Wire feed welding gun is the most frequently used gas shielded welding tool. Its features are simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and extremely easy maintenance. We have developed different series of the product to meet the customers in different countries and regions with different requirements.

Our wire feed welding torch has many kinds including European type, Tweco type, Bernard type, Panasonic type, etc. It is produced according to the relevant standard strictly with high quality. Most of the products are CE compliant. Those products can be interchangeable with and match the original products to work together. Designed with different styles, they are produced with different power, wire feed length, nozzle diameter, etc. to meet the needs of different machines in different working occasions. For example, the NW-501 European type product is designed with the rated current up to 500A and the duty cycle reaching 100%. Welcome customers to consult and purchase our product.

North is a specialized wire feed welding gun / welding torch manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including push pull gun, light duty welding positioner, welding rotators, spool gun, and more.

Related Names:
Wire Pushing Welding Tool | Gas Protection Welding Pistol | Wire Torch | Pushing-wire Torch

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