Spool Gun

Spool gun is a kind of welding tool. It can achieve wire feeding automatically or semi-automatically. The product is suitable for semi-automatic gas shielded arc welding such as MAG, MIG or CO2 gas shielded welding. Compared with traditional gas shielded welding torch, the product can feed the wire automatically by taking the wire feed roller instead of wire feed hose. The amount of the wire can be controlled with uniformity. So, the welding efficiency is high and the welding quality is more stable with uniform welding seam.

Featuring small volume, light weight, high portability and flexible operation, the spool gun is very fit for welding the work piece with complicated structure or for application in narrow space. It is designed with the models of QTLB-240D-SP, QLBF-200III, etc. The products with different models have different design and configured accessories, which can meet the diversified application needs of customers completely.

North is a professional spool gun manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including wire feed welding gun / welding torch, light duty welding positioner, welding rotators, push pull gun, and much more.

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Pull Spool Gun | MIG Welding Tool | Handheld Wire-Feed Welder | Self-Contained Gun

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