Light Duty Welding Positioner

The light duty welding positioner can make the machine head at the position conducive to welding through rotating or tilting the weldment. Then the operator can conduct the welding conveniently. The product is mainly comprised of manually tilting type and electrically tilting type. The manually tilting type product is suitable for small weldment. It has comparatively high flexibility. The electrically tilting type product has rather large carrying capacity. It can be used for large weldment.

Our light duty welding positioner is designed with the models of BY-10, BY-600, BY-5000, etc. The products with different models differ from one another and can be applied in various occasions to meet the diversified needs of customers. The BY-5000 product has large carrying capacity of up to 3000kg. Designed with the worktable diameter of 1500mm, it can load weldment with large volume and weight. The worktable can achieve tilting within the degree of 0 to 120° with the tilting speed of 0.5rpm. Its rotating speed can be adjustable within the range of 0.05rpm to 5rpm. The BY-5000 product is worth purchasing.

As a China-based light duty welding positioner manufacturer and supplier, North offers a broad range of products, including push pull gun, welding rotators, wire feed welding gun / welding torch, spool gun, and much more.

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