Wire Welding Spool Gun

Wire Welding Spool Gun
No.Part No. Description No.Part No. Description
1LWH2101 Torch Handle 24LWZ2012 Press Arm Shaft
2LGJ2003 Trigger Switch 25LWZ2019 Bracket
3LWH2111 Block 26LZ2830 Motor and Gear Box (30:1)
4LWH2112 Cover LZ2820 Motor and Gear Box (20:1)
5LWH2116 Hanger Hook 27Q9104 Gas Connector
6LWT2015 Spool Shaft 28LWZ2000 Wire Feeder Assembly
7LMT2014 Bushing Resistance Rubber 29LWK2001 Conducting Bar
8LWT2113 Location Bushing 30LWR11170 Liner Assembly
9LMT2012 Adjusting Nut 31Q507618 O Ring 7.65×1.78
10LWT2011 Locking Screw 32LWF1111 Conductor Tube
11LWH2113 Hook 33EF1011 Insulation Sleeve
12LWH2114 Press Button 34LWD1101 Diffuser Coupled with Spring
13LWH2100 Handle Assembly(1-12) 35EB1108 Contact Tip 0.8mm
14LWH2115 WFS Control Knob EB1109 Contact Tip 0.9mm
15Q8110 Potentiometer 10KΩ EB1110 Contact Tip 1.0mm
Q8105 Potentiometer 5KΩ 36EA1212 Nozzle 12mm
Q8101 Potentiometer 1KΩ 37LWF11180 Torch Neck 180°
16LWI2011 Potentiometer Housing 38LWW2101 Internal Gas Hose
17LWZ2011 Drive Roll 0.8/0.9 39LWS2101 Front Spring Cable Support
LWZ2020 Drive Roll 1.0/1.2 40LWL2140 Cable Assembly 4m
18LWZ2018 Press Arm Spring 41ES2201 Back Spring Cable Support
19LWZ2016 Bushing 42EH2201 Back Handle
20LWZ2017 Bearing 43EP2001 Torch Plug Nut
21LWZ2015 Press Arm Bolt 44LWU2001 Euro Torch Plug without Control
22LWZ2014 Inlet Guide LTU2002 Euro Torch Plug
23LWZ2013 Press Arm 45MV0010 10-pin Connector

As a specialized wire welding spool gun manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide small welding positioner, gas metal arc welding torch, welding copper air cooling welding gun, and welding pipe rotator, among others.

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Welding Gun | Pull Welding Torch | Pulling-welding Tool | Handy Self Contain Equipment

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