European Type Welding Gun

The European type welding gun is CE compliant. Its quality is in line with European EN60974-7 standard. The European adapter adopts the spring pin. We can provide the adapter with different forms. Through testing, all the accessories of the product can be interchangeable with the European standard welding torch. They can be combined with the accessories of European standard product to work together.

This series of European type welding gun is designed with the models of N15, N40, NW-501, etc. The N15 product has relatively small welding power. When using the CO2 to achieve cooling, its rated current is 180A and the duty cycle is 60%*. When using the mixed gas to cool, the N15 product has the rated current of 150A. It can be coupled with the adapter whose length can be 3m, 4m or 5m to match the appropriate welding distance. The nozzle can also be selectable with the diameter ranging from 9.5mm to 16mm. The NW-501 product is designed with the rated current up to 500A and the duty cycle achieving 100%. Our different kinds of products can meet your different use demands. Customers are welcomed to purchase our product.

Note: The 60% duty cycle means that the product can work continuously with the load 60% of the rated power or the working time is 60% of the functional cycle when product works with 100% power.

North is a China-based European type welding gun manufacturer and supplier. We provide a vast array of products, including gas valve type welding torch, welding pipe rotator, push pull MIG gun, small welding positioner, and more.

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