Pre-sale Service
We can provide the designated sample for customers. The sample cost and freight depend on the actual conditions.

In-sale Service
On the basis of guaranteeing the quality of product, we can deliver the products in a short period. If necessary, we can adjust the delivery time to meet customers' requirements. According to customers' needs, we can offer extra appropriate number of wearing parts for each welding gun when packaging the product, such as contact tip, nozzle, wire feed hose, etc.

After-sale Service
Generally, the warranty for the quality of our product is half a year. Within the warranty, if the damage of product is caused by non-human factors or non-force majeure under normal use, we can provide the service of repair for free. If the damage is caused by human factors or force majeure, we can also offer free professional repair or replacement suggestions for customers.

As to the aspects of quality assurance of sold products and communication with customers, we have the written procedure for product issues alarm and recall processing as well as clear customer feedback processing flow. The special written files are established for recording the customer feedback and the processing details.

Special Service
In accordance with the special customization demands of customers, we can provide the satisfying design scheme and produce the needed welding torch products or welding accessories.

If customers have the needs, we can provide the English instructions, technical parameters of product, installation method, operating guide, maintenance method, precautions and other information with the product to facilitate the customers using our product better.

We accept the OEM orders. Our OEM product such as Miller welding torch and Hobart welding gun has gained high recognition and evaluation.

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