Welding Gun of Tweco Fittings

Our welding gun of Tweco fittings is produced by referring to the advantages of Tweco welding torch and keeping our own design characteristics. After being improved in several parts, the product shows much more superiority. The switch performance of trigger is more reliable. The connection of cable and torch neck is much tighter, which allows for unimpeded current to the maximum level. The double protection is available for the torch neck to prolong the service lifetime of the product largely. The adapter is produced with different forms. The accessories of our Tweco type welding torch can achieve mutual exchange with those of Tweco welding torch. The performance price ratio of our product is very high.

The Tweco Company is founded in 1937. It is a world-famous enterprise for manufacturing welding and cutting tools. Our welding gun of Tweco fittings has many kinds with the models of NT1, NT2, NT4, NT4B, etc. By using the CO2 to achieve cooling, the NT5 product is produced with the rated current of 500A and duty cycle of 60%. The applicable welding wire diameter can be from 0.035 inch to 0.094 inch. Through matching with different welding adapters, the NT5 product can achieve the maximum welding distance of 15 inches. Designed with different powers, this series of product can be fit for different application occasions.

As a professional welding gun of Tweco fittings manufacturer and supplier in China, North provides a wide array of products, including air cooled MIG welding gun, MAG spool gun, light duty rotary turntable welding positioner, self aligning welding rotator, etc.

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