Welding Torch with Panasonic Fittings

Our welding torch with Panasonic fittings can work as the supporting device for Panasonic KR series and Osaka OTC series of welding machine. The product and Panasonic welding gun can exchange all the accessories. We also provide different adapters which can connect with various wire feeders.

Panasonic Group is the world famous electric appliance enterprise. With the strong technical and financial support available, the Panasonic electric welding machine has strong thermal conversion capacity with small electric loss. It is widely used around the world.

Through the repeated performance test, our welding torch with Panasonic fittings can be used conveniently with excellent welding effect and relatively much smaller power consumption. Designed with different models such as QTB-200A and QTB-600A, this series of product has diverse powers. The QTB-600A product is produced with the rated current of 600A. The wire feed hose is optional with steel wire liner or Teflon tube. The contact tip can be made of red copper or CuCrZr. The nozzle of the welding gun can also be available in different length of 3m, 4m, 5m, etc. Customers can select the appropriate product according to the actual demands.

We are a welding torch with Panasonic fittings manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as air cooled MIG/MAG welding gun, shielded air cooling welding torch, welding pipe rotator, and push pull MIG gun.

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