Push Pull MIG Gun

Push Pull MIG Gun
No.Part No.Description
1EJ0003Trigger Switch
2LTH2101Gun Handle
3LTH2111Cable Clamp
4LTL2060Cable Assembly 6m
5SS5201Back Spring Cable Support
6SH5201Back Handle
7MV001010 Pin Plug
8EP3001Torch Plug Nut
9LTU2001Euro Torch Plug
10LTR2210-6Steel Liner 0.8-1.0mm×6mm
LTR3212-6Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm×6mm
LTR2310-6Teflon Liner 0.8-1.0mm×6mm
LTR3312-6Teflon Liner 1.0-1.2mm×6mm
11EU1011Nut M10×1
12LTY2001Press Arm Plate
14LGX2016*Push Roll 0.030/0.035 inch (0.8/0.9mm)
LGX2017Push Roll 0.047 inch (1.2mm)
15LTX2015Wire Reel Clamp
16LGX2012Press Arm Spring
17LGX2011Press Arm Bolt
18LGX2001Gearbox Assembly
19LGX2018Woodruff Key
20LGX2019*Wire Feed Roller 0.030/0.035 inch (0.8/0.9mm)
LGX2020Wire Feed Roller 0.047inch (1.2mm)
22Q8210*Potentiometer 10KQ
Q8205Potentiometer 5KQ
Q8201Potentiometer 1KQ
23LTZ2012Potentiometer Housing
24LTZ2013WFS Control Knob
25LTH2112Handle Lock Nut
26LGH2011Transparent Cover, Drive Roll
28LTX2013Gas Connector
29LTX2012Conductive Contact
30LTX2011Inner Core of Conductive Contact
31LTR21134*Liner Used for 180° Torch Neck
LTR21142Liner Used for 45° Torch Neck
32LTF2111Straight Torch Neck
LTF2112Curved Torch Neck
34EC2001Contact Tip Socket
35EB2208Contact Tip 0.8mm
EB2210*Contact Tip 1.0mm
EB2212Contact Tip 1.2mm
36EA22125Nozzle 12.5mm
37LTF21180*180° Torch Neck
LTF224545° Gun Neck
38LTR31160*Liner Used for 180° Torch Neck
LTR31168Liner Used for 45° Torch Neck
39LTF3111Straight Torch Neck
LTF3112Curved Torch Neck
41EC3002Contact Tip Socket M8×32
42EB3210*Contact Tip 1.0mm M8×10×30 Ecu
EB3212Contact Tip 1.2mm M8×10×30 Ecu
EB3210LContact Tip 1.0mm M8×10×30 CuCrZr
EB3212LContact Tip 1.2mm M8×10×30 CuCrZr
43EA3216Nozzle 16mm
44LTF31180*180° Torch Neck
LTF324545° Torch Neck

Note: * denotes standard build. The part number should be marked out when customer choosing the accessories.

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