Gas Valve Type Welding Torch

This series of gas valve type welding torch is suitable for cooling with mixed gas. The heat dissipation protection is available. The product is designed with many kinds. The size of the contact tip ranges from 0.6mm to 1.0mm. The nozzle has the conventional type, self insulated type or self shielding type. The gun neck is also optional with European type and American Tweco type. Its length can be 2.5m or 3m. User can also choose the welding gun with the rated current of 100A or 90A. Our different kinds of gas valve type welding torch can meet your application needs fully.

North is an experienced gas valve type welding torch manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from wire feed welding gun / welding torch, we also offer spool gun, light duty welding positioner, push pull gun, and more.

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