NK126 Shielded Air Cooling Welding Torch

NK126 Shielded Air Cooling Welding Torch
Technical Parameters
Rated Current350A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire1.0-2.4mm (0.035-3/32 inch)
Contact Tip
No.Part No.Description
AZB31161.6mm Ecu
ZB31181.8mm Ecu
ZB31202.0mm Ecu
ZB31242.4mm Ecu
ZB3116L1.6mm CuCrZr
ZB3118L1.8mm CuCrZr
ZB3120L2.0mm CuCrZr
ZB3124L2.4mm CuCrZr
Gun Neck
No.Part No.Description
BZF323030°, 195mm
ZF326767°, 160mm
ZF329090°, 170mm
No.Part No.Description
CZR3224-3Steel liner 1.6-2.4mm ×3m
No.Part No.Description
1ZN3101Thread Protector
2ZF3211Locking Screw
3ZF3212Steel Insert
4ZF3213Ceramic Insert
5ZF32163Liner 163mm
ZF32128Liner 128mm
ZF32138Liner 138mm
6ZK3001Handle Protector
7ZT3001Locking Screw
7aZT3002Socket Head Cap Screw
10ZH3011Spatter Shield
12ZJ3014Switch Housing
13Q712Switch, OMRON, Waterproof
13aZJ3015Switch Assembly with Plug
14ZJ3001Trigger Housing Assembly
16Q723Button Switch
17ZJ3013Attenuating Switch
18ZL3130Cable Assembly 3m, Liner Replaceable
ZL3230Cable Assembly 3m, Not Replaceable
19LV00022 Pin Plug(LN-7, 8, 925)
ZV00055 Pin Plug(LN-7, 8, 925)
ZV30033 Pin Plug(LN-22, 23)
20ZV3004Control Cable Assembly Coupled with 4 Pin Plug
21ZU3001Lincoln Fitting
22ZH3201Insulator Sleeve with Spring

Note: * denotes standard build.

As a China-based shielded air cooling welding torch manufacturer and supplier, North also offers MAG/MIG welding gun, gas metal arc welding torch, manual welding positioner, and welding pipe rotator, among others.

Related Names:
Self-protective Natural Cooling Welding Tool | Self-shield Gas Natural Cooled Welding Pistol | Safety Convection Cooling Wire Torch | Self-defending Convection-cool Torch

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