QTB-90AF Air Cooled Welding Torch (Self Insulated Nozzles)

QTB-90AF Air Cooled Welding Torch (Self Insulated Nozzles)
Technical Parameters
Rated Current (Mixed Gas Cooling)90A
Duty Cycle35%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire0.6-1.0mm
Description Part No.
Welding Gun Coupled with Euro Gun Neck NVA-90E-2.5 NVA-90E-3
Welding Gun Coupled with Tweco Gun Neck NVA-90T-2.5 NVA-90T-3
No.Part No.Description
AEA1212 Nozzle 12mm
B21-50* Self Insulated Nozzle
Contact Tip
No.Part No.Description
DEB1106 0.6mm M6 ×25 Ecu
EB1108* 0.8mm M6 ×25 Ecu
EB1109 0.9mm M6 ×25 Ecu
EB1110 1.0mm M6 ×25 Ecu
E11-23 0.023 inch /0.6mm Ecu
11-30* 0.030 inch /0.8mm Ecu
11-35 0.035 inch /0.9mm Ecu
11-40 0.040 inch /1.0 mm Ecu
No.Part No.Description
FFLR1210-2.5 Steel Liner 0.6-1.0mm ×2.5m
FLR1210-3* Steel Liner 0.6-1.0mm ×3m
No.Part No. Description
1FLD9002 Diffuser Coupled with Spring
2FD9001 Diffuser
3EF1011 Insulator Sleeve
4FLF9235* Conductor Tube 35°
FLF9245 Conductor Tube 45°
5FLR91170 Front Liner
6FLH9111 Front Handle
7Q504219S O Ring 4.2 ×1.9
8EG0002 Hanger Hook
9FL9027 Gas Pipe Connector
10FLL9011 Gas Valve
11FLH9112 Trigger
12FLH9021 Trigger Shrapnel
13ES2102 Front Spring Cable Shrapnel
14FLL9025 Cable Assembly 2.5m
FLL9030 Cable Assembly 3m

Note: * denotes standard build. Customer should mark out the part number when choosing the accessories.

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