QTB-500A Wire Feed Welding Torch (Panasonic 500A)

QTB-500A Wire Feed Welding Torch (Panasonic 500A)
Technical Parameters
Rated CurrentCO2500A
Mixed Gas420A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire1.2-1.6mm
Description Size Part No.
Welding Gun Coupled with Panasonic Fitting(Panasonic 500A) 3m NS-500K-3
4m NS-500K-4
5m NS-500K-5
No.Part No. Description
AKA5119* 19mm
KA5214 14mm
Contact Tip
No.Part No. Description
BKB2212* 1.2mm M6 Ecu
KB2214 1.4mm M6 Ecu
KB2216 1.6mm M6 Ecu
KB2212L 1.2mm M6 CuCrZr
KB2214L 1.4mm M6 CuCrZr
KB2216L 1.6mm M6 CuCrZr
No.Part No. Description
CKR3212-3 Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm×3m
KR5216-3* Steel Liner 1.2-1.6mm×3m
KR5316-3 Teflon Liner 1.2-1.6mm×3m
No.Part No. Description
1Q1119 Gasket
2KD5001 Diffuser
3KE5001 Insulator
4KF5011 Front Gun Tube
5KF5255 Gun Neck 55°
KF51180 Gun Neck 180°
6Q508015S O Ring 8×1.5
7Q711* Switch, OMRON
Q721 Switch, Normal
8KJ3003 Trigger
9Q60512 Trigger Spring
10KH3103 Handle
11KS3101 Front Spring Cable Support
12KL5030 Cable Assembly 3m
13KS3201 Back Spring Cable Support
14KH3203 Back Handle
15Q506318 O Ring 6.3×1.8
16KW0001 Gas Hose Assembly
17KV0002 Control Cable Assembly Coupled with Plug

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