NT5 Fixed Nozzle Welding Gun

NT5 Fixed Nozzle Welding Gun
Technical Parameters
Rated CurrentCO2500A
Mixed Gas400A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire0.035-3/32 inch (0.9-2.4mm)
Description Part No.
10ft 12ft 15ft
Welding Torch Coupled with Euro Fitting * NT5-10E NT5-12E NT5-15E
Welding Torch Coupled with Tweco Fitting NT5-10T NT5-12T NT5-15T
Welding Torch Coupled with Lincoln Fitting NT5-10L NT5-12L NT5-15L
Welding Torch Coupled with Miller Fitting NT5-10M NT5-12M NT5-15M
No.Part NO.Description
A25CT-50 Fixed Coarse Thread Nozzle
25CT-62 *
Contact Tip
No.Part No. Description
B15H-45 0.045 inch / 1.2mm Ecu
15H-52 0.052 inch / 1.3mm Ecu
15H-116* 1/16 inch / 1.6mm Ecu
15H-564 0.080 inch / 2.0mm Ecu
15H-332 0.090 inch / 2.4mmEcu
15HFC-45 0.045 inch / 1.2mm Ecu F/Cored
15HFC-116 1/16 inch / 1.6mm Ecu F/Cored
15HFC-564 5/64 inch / 2.0mm Ecu F/Cored
15HFC-332 3/32 inch / 2.4mm Ecu F/Cored
No.Part No. Description
C44-3545-15 Steel Liner 0.035-0.045 inch /0.9-1.2mm ×15ft Euro End
44-116-15* Steel Liner 1/16 inch / 1.6mm ×15ft Euro End
44-564-15 Steel Liner 5/64 inch / 2.0 mm ×15ft Euro End
44T-3545-15 Teflon Liner 0.035-0.045 inch / 0.9-1.2mm × 15ft Euro End
44T-116-15 Teflon Liner 1/16 inch / 1.6mm ×15ft Euro End
45-3545-15 Steel Liner 0.035-0.045 inch /0.9-1.2mm × 15ft Tweco End
45-116-15 Steel Liner 1/16 inch / 1.6mm × 15ft Tweco End
45-564-15 Steel Liner 5/64 inch / 2.0mm × 15ft Tweco End
45-332-15 Steel Liner 3/32 inch / 2.4mm × 15ft Tweco End
No.Part No. Description
135CT Insulator Coarse Thread Nozzle
255 Gas Diffuser
55SW* Gas Diffuser
55H Gas Diffuser
365-45 Conductor Tube 45°
65-60* Conductor Tube 60°
4TEF5212 Gas Nipple
5Q508015S O Ring 8 ×1.5
6TEH2101 Handle
7TEG2001 Hanger Hook
8Q711 Switch, OMRON
9KJ3003 Trigger
10Q60512 Trigger Spring
11KS3101 Front Spring Cable Support
12TEL5010 Cable Assembly 10ft
TEL5012 Cable Assembly 12ft
TEL5015 Cable Assembly 15ft
13SS5202 Back Spring Cable Support
14SH5201 Torch Plug Housing
15EH2211 Screw M4×6
16EP3001 Torch Plug Nut
17TEU4001 Tweco Euro Torch Plug
18Q504010 O Ring 4×1
19Q504018 O Ring 4×1.8
20TEU1011 Nut M11×1

Note: * denotes standard build.

As a specialized fixed nozzle welding gun manufacturer and supplier in China, North provides a vast array of products, including 500A air cooled CO2 welding gun, air cooling MIG/MAG welding torch, 120° light duty welding positioner, tank turning roll, etc.

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