NT2B Welding Gun with Adjustable Nozzle

NT2B Welding Gun with Adjustable Nozzle
Technical Parameters
Rated CurrentCO2200A
Mixed Gas150A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire0.023-0.045 inch (0.6-1.2mm)
DescriptionPart No.
Welding Torch Coupled with Euro Fitting *NT2B-3ENT2B-4ENT2B-5E
Welding Torch Coupled with Tweco FittingNT2B-3TNT2B-4TNT2B-5T
Welding Torch Coupled with Lincoln FittingNT2B-3LNT2B-4LNT2B-5L
No.Part No.Description
A22-50 *Adjustable
B22-50FSelf Insulated
C24CT50SFixed Coarse Thread
D23-50Self Insulated
Contact Tip
No.Part No.Description
F14-230.023 inch/ 0.6mm Ecu
14-300.030 inch/ 0.8mm Ecu
14-35 *0.035 inch/ 0.9mm Ecu
14-400.040 inch/ 1.0mm Ecu
14-450.045 inch/ 1.2mm Ecu
14H-350.035 inch/ 0.9mm Ecu HD
14H-400.040 inch/ 1.0mm Ecu HD
14H-450.045 inch/ 1.2mm Ecu HD
No.Part No.Description
G42-3015-15Steel Liner 0.030-0.035 inch/ 0.8-0.9mm × 15ft
42-4045-15 *Steel Liner 0.040-0.045 inch/ 1.0-1.2mm × 15ft
42T-3545-15Teflon Liner 0.035-0.045 inch/ 0.9-1.2mm × 15ft
No.Part No.Description
132Adjustable Nozzle Insulator
234CTInsulator Coarse Thread Nozzle
334AAdjustable Nozzle Insulator
452Gas Diffuser
552FNGas Diffuser
662A45-J*Jacketed Conductor Tube 45°
62A60-J Jacketed Conductor Tube 60°
7102Cable Connector Block Assembly
862NGas Nipple
984HD-RHandle with Screws, Red
10154HDHanger Hook
1192Trigger Switch
12Q93178Cable Hose Clamp
13144-6SFront Spring Cable Support
14HDL2010Cable Assembly 10ft
HDL2012Cable Assembly 12ft
HDL2015Cable Assembly 15ft
15R185-SBack Spring Cable Support
16R185-HTorch Plug Housing with Screws
17194Connector Tab Assembly
18LAK-3542 Pin Plug Assembly
19R172-UAGConnector Plug with Gas Hole
20R174-LConnector, Lincoln
21HDN0201Connector Insulator
22HDW0201Gas Hose Assembly
23R172-UAConnector Plug
24Q511818O Ring 11.8×1.8
25R174-TConnector, Tweco
26HDL2010ECable Assembly 10ft Coupled with Euro Fitting
HDL2012ECable Assembly 12ft Coupled with Euro Fitting
HDL2015ECable Assembly 15ft Coupled with Euro Fitting
28MT0077Rear End Assembly Complete
29EH2211Screw M4×6
30EP3001Torch Plug Nut
31TEU1001Tweco Euro Torch Plug
32Q504010O Ring 4×1
33TEU1011Nut M11×1

Note: * denotes standard build.

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