N15 Air Cooled MIG/MAG Welding Gun

N15 Air Cooled MIG/MAG Welding Gun
Technical Parameters
Rated CurrentCO2180A
Mixed Gas150A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire0.6-1.0mm
Push Wire Welding Gun Coupled with Euro Fitting N15-3 3m
N15-4 4m
N15-5 5m
No.Part No. Description
AEA1295 9.5mm
EA1212* 12mm
EA1113 13mm
EA1116 16mm
Contact Tip
No.Part No. Description
BEB1106 0.6mm M6×25 Ecu
EB1108* 0.8mm M6×25 Ecu
EB1109 0.9mm M6×25 Ecu
EB1110 1.0mm M6×25 Ecu
EB1106L 0.6mm M6×25 CuCrZr
EB1108L 0.6mm M6×25 CuCrZr
EB1109L 0.6mm M6×25 CuCrZr
EB1110L 0.6mm M6×25 CuCrZr
No.Part No. Description
DER1208-3 Steel Liner 0.6-0.8mm×3m
ER2210-3 Steel Liner 0.8-1.0mm×3m
ER2310-3 Teflon Liner 0.8-1.0mm×3m
No. Part No. Description
1 ED1001 Diffuser
2 EF1011 Insulator
3 EF1211 Conductor Tube
4 EF1212 Plastic Body
5 EF1245 45° Gun Neck
6 EG0001 Hanger Hook
7 EJ0003 Trigger
8 EH0101 Handle
9 ES0101 Front Spring Cable Support
10 EL1030 Cable Assembly 3m
11 ES2201 Back Spring Cable Support
12 EH2201 Back Handle
13 EH2211 Screw M4×6
14 EP2001 Torch Plug Nut
15 EU1001 Euro Torch Plug
16 Q504010 O Ring 4×1
17 Q503515 O Ring 3.5×1.5
18 EU1011 Nut M10×1

Note: * denotes standard build.

As a specialized air cooled MIG/MAG welding gun manufacturer and supplier in China, North offers a comprehensive range of products, including air cooled welding torch (European gun neck), fixed nozzle welding gun, MAG spool gun, manual welding positioner, and much more.

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