N36 Air Cooling MIG/MAG Gun

N36 Air Cooling MIG/MAG Gun
Technical Parameters
Rated CurrentCO2340A
Mixed Gas300A
Duty Cycle60%
Diameter of Applicable Welding Wire0.8-1.6mm
Welding Gun Coupled with Euro Fitting N36-3 3m
N36-4 4m
N36-5 5m
No.Part No. Description
AEA3212 Nozzle12mm
EA3216* Nozzle 16mm
EA3317 Tapered Nozzle 17mm
EA3119 Nozzle 19mm
Contact Tip
No.Part No. Description
BEB3210* 1.0mm M8×10×30 Ecu
EB3212 1.2mm M8×10×30 Ecu
EB3216 1.6mm M8×10×30 Ecu
EB3210L 1.0mm M8×10×30 CuCrZr
EB3212L 1.2mm M8×10×30 CuCrZr
EB3216L 1.6mm M8×10×30 CuCrZr
CEB2208 0.8mm M6×8×28 Ecu
EB2210 1.0mm M6×8×28 Ecu
EB2212 1.2mm M6×8×28 Ecu
EB2208L 0.8mm M6×8×28 CuCrZr
EB2210L 1.0mm M6×8×28 CuCrZr
EB2212L 1.2mm M6×8×28 CuCrZr
No.Part No. Description
DER3212-3 Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm×3m
ER5216-3 Steel Liner 1.2-1.6mm×3m
ER3312-3 Teflon Liner 1.0-1.2mm×3m
ER5316-3 Teflon Liner 1.2-1.6mm×3m
No.Part No. Description
1EC3001 Contact Tip Socket M8×28
EC3002 Contact Tip Socket M8×32
2EC3003 Contact Tip Socket M6×28
EC3004 Contact Tip Socket M6×32
3ED3001 Diffuser, Ceramics
ED3002 Diffuser, Silica Gel
4EF3250 50° Gun Neck
5EF1212 Plastic Body
6EG0001 Hanger Hook
7EJ0003 Trigger
8EH0101 Handle
9ES0101 Front Spring Cable Support
10EL3030 Cable Assembly 3m
11ES3201 Back Spring Cable Support
12EH2201 Back Handle
13EH2211 Screw M4×6
14EP3001 Torch Plug Nut
15EU3001 Euro Torch Plug
16Q504010 O Ring 4×1
17Q503515 O Ring 3.5×1.5
18EU1011 Nut M10×1

Note: * denotes standard build.

North is an experienced air cooling MIG/MAG gun manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from wire feed welding gun / welding torch, we also offer push pull gun, spool gun, welding rotators, light duty welding positioner, and more.

Related Names:
Natural Cooling Portable Welder | Convection Cooling Handy Pulling Spool Welding Tool | Air Cooled Self-contained Pulling Weld Gun | Nature-cooled Pull-and-spool Welding Equipment

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