Home Jinan North Welding Tools Company Ltd., established as a joint venture by American North Technology Incorporation, is a welding tool manufacturer based in China. We specialize in the production of various welding tools, including our wire feed welding gun, spool gun, push pull gun, light duty welding positioner, and welding rotator. We offer a wide variety of series of products to fill all of our customers’ needs.

About Us North holds a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and possesses independent development and design capabilities. We have also cooperated with top Fortune 500 companies and have established long-term relationships with the American Miller Company, Hobart Company, Thermal Dynamics, Lincoln Company, and other prestigious corporations.


Wire Feed Welding Gun/ Welding Torch The Wire feed welding gun is the most frequently used gas shielded welding tool. Its features are simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and extremely easy maintenance. We have developed different series of the product to meet the customers in different countries and regions with different requirements.

European Type Welding Gun The European type welding gun is CE compliant. Its quality is in line with European EN60974-7 standard. The European adapter adopts the spring pin. We can provide the adapter with different forms. Through testing, all the accessories of the product can be interchangeable with the European standard welding torch. They can be combined with the accessories of European standard product to work together.

N15 Air Cooled MIG/MAG Welding Gun N24 Air Cooled Gas Welding Gun N25 MAG/MIG Welding Gun N26 Welding Copper Air Cooling Welding Gun N36 Air Cooling MIG/MAG Gun N40 Gas Metal Arc Welding Gun NW-501 Water Cooled MAG/MIG Gun

Welding Gun of Tweco Fittings Our welding gun of Tweco fittings is produced by referring to the advantages of Tweco welding torch and keeping our own design characteristics. After being improved in several parts, the product shows much more superiority. The switch performance of trigger is more reliable. The connection of cable and torch neck is much tighter, which allows for unimpeded current to the maximum level.

NT1 Air Cooled Gas Metal Arc Welding Gun NT2 Air Cooled MIG Welding Gun NT4 Welding Copper Air Cooled MAG Welding Gun NT5 Fixed Nozzle Welding Gun NT2B Welding Gun with Adjustable Nozzle NT4B Heavy Duty Nozzle MIG/MAG Welding Gun

Welding Torch with Panasonic Fittings Our welding torch with Panasonic fittings can work as the supporting device for Panasonic KR series and Osaka OTC series of welding machine. The product and Panasonic welding gun can exchange all the accessories. We also provide different adapters which can connect with various wire feeders.

QTB-200A Air Cooled Welding Torch (Panasonic 200A) QTB-350A Mixed Gas Welding Torch QTB-500A Wire Feed Welding Torch (Panasonic 500A) QTB-600A Welding Copper Air Cooled Welding Torch

OTC Type Welding Gun The OTC type welding gun can work in conjunction with the Panasonic KR series and Osaka OTC series of welding machine. All the accessories of the product can be interchangeable with those of OTC welding torch. Several kinds of adapters for various wire feeders are available.

200A Welding Copper Air Cooled Welding Gun 350A Mixed Gas Air Cooled Welding Gun 500A Air Cooled CO2 Welding Gun

Self Shielding Welding Torch The self shielding welding torch is suitable for flux-cored wire welding. This type of welding can enhance the construction quality of pipeline engineering. It is widely used in the pipeline construction. The adapter has many kinds for different wire feeders to fit for various welding machines. The wire liner can be replaceable for extending the working life of welding gun. The product can be compatible and interchangeable with the original Lincoln welding gun. Featuring high reliability and durability, the self shielding welding gun is convenient for field engineering.

NK115 Self Shielding Wire Welding Torch NK126 Shielded Air Cooling Welding Torch

Gas Valve Type Welding Torch This series of gas valve type welding torch is suitable for cooling with mixed gas. The heat dissipation protection is available. The product is designed with many kinds. The size of the contact tip ranges from 0.6mm to 1.0mm. The nozzle has the conventional type, self insulated type or self shielding type. The gun neck is also optional with European type and American Tweco type. Its length can be 2.5m or 3m. User can also choose the welding gun with the rated current of 100A or 90A. Our different kinds of gas valve type welding torch can meet your application needs fully.

QTB-100AF Air Cooled Welding Torch (European Gun Neck) QTB-90AF Air Cooled Welding Torch (Self Insulated Nozzles)

Spool Gun Spool gun is a kind of welding tool. It can achieve wire feeding automatically or semi-automatically. The product is suitable for semi-automatic gas shielded arc welding such as MAG, MIG or CO2 gas shielded welding. Compared with traditional gas shielded welding torch, the product can feed the wire automatically by taking the wire feed roller instead of wire feed hose. The amount of the wire can be controlled with uniformity. So, the welding efficiency is high and the welding quality is more stable with uniform welding seam.

Wire Welding Spool Gun

MIG Spool Gun

MAG Spool Gun

Push Pull Gun The wire feed system of push pull gun consists of wire push machine and wire pulling machine. Wire pushing is the main working part. Then the welding wire can be straightened through wire drawing. The wire feed hose can be lengthened up to 10m. As a result of the complicated structure, the product is mainly used for robot welding or gas metal arc welding of aluminum.

Push Pull MIG Gun

Push Pull MAG Gun

Light Duty Welding Positioner The light duty welding positioner can make the machine head at the position conducive to welding through rotating or tilting the weldment. Then the operator can conduct the welding conveniently. The product is mainly comprised of manually tilting type and electrically tilting type. The manually tilting type product is suitable for small weldment. It has comparatively high flexibility. The electrically tilting type product has rather large carrying capacity. It can be used for large weldment.

Light Manual Tilting Welding Positioner

Small Welding Positioner

Light Duty Rotary Turntable Welding Positioner

Manual Welding Positioner

Motor Drive Welding Positioner

Electric Drive Welding Positioner

120° Tilting Turntable Positioner

120° Light Duty Welding Positioner

Welding Rotators Welding rotator can drive the weldment to rotate by virtue of the frictional force between weldment and active roller. It is very suitable for cylindrical or conical weldment to facilitate the welding job. The models of the products involve NHTR-1000, NHTR-3000 and NHTR-6000. The NHTR-6000 product is designed extraordinarily. Though its dimension is only 520×470×390mm, the machine can carry the weldment with the weight of 6000kg.

Welding Pipe Rotator

Self Aligning Welding Rotator

Tank Turning Roll

Service On the basis of guaranteeing the quality of product, we can deliver the products in a short period. If necessary, we can adjust the delivery time to meet customers' requirements. According to customers' needs, we can offer extra appropriate number of wearing parts for each welding gun when packaging the product, such as contact tip, nozzle, wire feed hose, etc.

Quality Control North has the production workshop for proficient product processing and assembly. All the production lines are inspected with product quality control. All the work of inspection and testing personnel is independent of the production line. The clear sample procedure including written sampling record is built for packaged final product.



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Introduction about Gas Metal Arc Welding Torch Gas metal arc welding torch, MIG or MAG welding torch for short, uses the electric arc between wire and work piece as the heat source to melt the metal under the protection of shielding gas. It is the key component of welding equipment. As the direct welding implementing device, the welding torch plays a vital role for welding quality, production efficiency, etc.